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Welcome to Cheam Road Dental Practice

Based in Sutton, Cheam Road Dental Practice offers an understanding and reassuring welcome to patients throughout Surrey. We believe that prevention is a much better alternative to cure. By preventing dental disease instead of using treatments in the future, our dentists and hygienists will save teeth wherever possible instead of removing them.


Even though dental health is vitally important, approximately half of the population never visit their dentists on a regular basis. When problems arise, it is almost inevitable that any work required is made more extensive AND more expensive. By visiting our practice in Sutton regularly, our patients cut down on the problems and on the final bill.


Dental Hygienists


Cheam Road Dental Practice has a dental hygienist who can help to keep the mouth and teeth healthy, lowering the long-term risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Hygienists are trained in the field of preventive dental care and their work includes the scaling and polishing of teeth, fissure sealing and providing advice on good oral health.


A full range of private treatments are available for both adults and children. Patients under the age of 18 are treated at reduced rates. Our dentists and hygienists can undertake cosmetic treatments, ranging from basic tooth bleaching to full oral rehabilitation. We have our own network of dental specialists to whom we can refer.


What to expect at our Dental Practice in Sutton

We realise that many of the patients who come our Sutton practice have their own fears and anxieties about dentistry. Our dentists and hygienists understand these fears and will always do everything possible to discuss your concerns and put you at ease.


Contact our dental practice on Cheam Road in Sutton to arrange an initial appointment and examination. On the day of your visit, you’ll be greeted by our friendly receptionist who will run through your personal details to ensure we have them recorded correctly. You will be subsequently called through to see one of our dentists.


We will take a thorough medical history, then discuss your dental issues and help with any concerns you may have. Next, we undertake a thorough oral examination and cancer screening. Your teeth, gums and oral tissue will be checked. We may also take digital x-rays which reduce radiation levels by up to 90% compared to standard dental x-rays. Our dentists ensure you fully understand our diagnosis and treatments by involving you at every stage of the examination and screening.


Following the examination, we take time to explain the outcome in detail. We will also discuss any treatments that you may require. Patients in Sutton and the surrounding Surrey area can expect our dentists to discuss all available options and to help in making the most appropriate choice of treatments.


Our dentists are always transparent about pricing. We provide each patient with a detailed treatment plan and compile a written estimate explaining the cost of dental treatment. As soon as you are happy with the costs involved, we guide you back to our receptionist to arrange a suitable appointment time for treatment and to make any required payment.


Unless you are experiencing pain, our dentists rarely start treatment on the same day. We understand that many of our patients need time to think about the proposed treatment and to make sure the decision is absolutely right for them. If you are visiting us for the first time and need urgent care, let our receptionist know and we’ll allocate a longer appointment.

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