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Oral Hygiene and Cosmetic Dentistry for Patients in Banstead

Cheam Road Dental Practice in Sutton welcomes patients from the nearby Surrey town of Banstead, which is only four miles away. We have qualified dentists and hygienists with many combined years of training. All principal and associate members of our team are GDC qualified and experts in their chosen fields.


We understand that dentistry can be unsettling and worrying for some patients. The team at our practice is used to dealing with nervous patients and we do everything in our power to ensure your appointments with us are calm, reassuring and ultimately relaxing. If you would like to see a particular dentist, please let our receptionist know when booking in.


Initial Consultations and Routine Appointments


New patients visiting us from Banstead are booked in for an initial consultation that lasts for thirty minutes. During your appointment, our dentists review salient points pertaining to your oral health and record details to our own computer systems. We examine the teeth, the gums and the mouth tissues. Your dentist may also take intra-oral photographs.


Any immediate work will be scheduled and a detailed estimate is compiled. If you have good oral health, we can arrange for you to come back and have routine appointments every six months or up to one year. While you remain a patient with us, our dentists will update your radiograph records every three to five years.


Treatments and Cosmetic Dentistry


We have a full of professional dental treatments available. We also specialise in cosmetic dentistry where ongoing oral health is administered by one of our hygienists. Patients in Banstead can have crowns and veneers fitted, our practice performs root canal treatments and we offer teeth whitening programs that can be undertaken at home.


Our dentists firmly believe that prevention is always a better alternative to cure. By identifying the signs of disease and decay at the earliest opportunity, we can take required measures to restore the condition of teeth and gums. This eliminates the need for extraction and helps our patients to retain a wonderful, healthy-looking smile.


New patients in Banstead can contact Cheam Road Dental Practice on (020) 8642 9345.

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