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Cosmetic Dentistry from the Cheam Road Dental Practice

The suburban village of Cheam is just a mile or so away from our popular practice in Sutton. Naturally, we have a large number of patients from Cheam who use our dentists and hygienists because of our close proximity. Our practice is also popular because we have highly trained and GDC qualified personnel who excel in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry.


We are here to instantly put you at ease and to make your first visit to Cheam Road Dental Practice a pleasant experience. From the moment you arrive, our receptionist and your appointed dentist will provide all of the reassurance you need. We use preventative dentistry to provide good, long-term oral health for our patients.


What to Expect on a First Visit


When a new patient from Cheam visits us for the first time, we allow thirty minutes for an initial consultation. One of our dentists will inspect your teeth, your gums and your mouth tissues. If required, we may also take radiograms and store them onto our modern computerised system. We use the initial appointment to build a profile of your oral health.


Based on our findings, we may recommend a subsequent appointment for any dentistry work required. If you have good oral health, we will arrange for you to come back for a routine appointment with a dentist at Cheam Road Dental Practice within the next six to twelve months. When work is required, your dentist will prepare a detailed estimate.


Hygienist Visits


Hygienists are responsible for helping our patients maintain good oral health. Regular visits to see a hygienist can identify diseases such as gingivitis at the earliest opportunity. Early diagnosis helps us to deliver the most appropriate treatments. Your appointment will also be used to cultivate a strong culture of personal oral hygiene.


More than half the population fails to attend regular dental or hygienist visits and many are already suffering from some kind of oral health issue. While we much prefer to prevent disease, we can provide a full range of dental hygienist and cosmetic dentistry services that help our patients to restore their winning smiles.


New patients from Cheam can contact our practice on (020) 8642 9345.

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